Clear at Kayak, South Africa

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The best, having fun, see-through, Clear Kayak’s available! 

You see-through glass bottom boats are neat and adventures, BUT you should explore the Clear Kayak, this will blow your mind!

This Clear Kayaks are made from super strong Poly-Carbonate, the same material that is used for Yet Aircraft Windshields! It is completely transparent and the Clear Kayak allows you to observe the underwater marine life. It brings perfect fulfillment of your dream of diving and offers last year of enjoyable use.

The Clear Kayak weighs11.1 kg, which makes it easy to carry and transport.
With 2 persons onboard the Clear Kayak (one on each side) on the water, rowing is a breeze. Single person in the Clear Kayak will explore more underneath the water because there is more room in the Kayak with only one person on board. The Clear Kayak lets you witness the fascinating lake or sea life beneath.

You will definitely enjoy every moment and LOVE being on the water! You will be able to see everything under the water and what is going on underneath you. You will experience things that you were never aware of before! 

Totally AMAZING and totally TRANSPARENT!